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Welcome to Surround Art Gallery. Here you can find exquisite jewelry for yourself and spectacular artwork for your home.
Surround Art Gallery has a distinct approach to selecting Fine Art Collections and Jewelry design and production. It lies in following specific criteria where precision and aesthetic are the most important.
Thus Surround Art Gallery collections are a mindful investment since the more masterly the artwork is created, the rarer it is, and therefore - the more valuable.

The Concept

Surround Art Gallery represents a selection of masterfully created Fine Jewelry and Fine Art.

We unite Art and Jewelry collections to create a space of grace. Our goal is to preserve and enhance the concept of aesthetics that humanity has been exploring for thousands of years.

Surrounding ourselves with beauty allows us to evolve and get closer to the perfection of the Universe.
Over 30 years of experience in high-end jewelry and art give us the expertise and knowledge to bring this concept to life.

Featured Masterpiece
"Fire Anthem"

Hand-carved from a 15000-carat lab-grown, jewelry-quality whole ruby, the glorious climax of Luis Alberto Quispe Aparicio’s “Faces of Eternity” skull collection emerges as the most precious memento mori ever conceived. The renowned “Faces of Eternity” was exhibited at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA); the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburg; and finally at the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art in Elmhurst, Illinois. The most part of the collection have found its permanent residence in museums such as “Sobranie” and private collections.

Classy & Minimalistic

Fine Art that brings you joy.

Elegant & Inspiring

Dive into a perfect scenery.

Various Sizes, Limited Editions

Pick a full-scale transformative Fine Art piece or a delicate accent wall art.

Museum Quality Performance

Crystal-clear acrylic surface enhances the artwork's appearance, making the colors and depth really pop.

Timeless as Classics,
Laconic as High-Tech

Natural motives and the finest modern execution give this wall art the power to complement interiors of different styles.
Turning an outfit into an art

Elegant Jewelry is an integral part of a thoughtful appearance, be it on a special occasion, romantic date or a business meeting. Your clothes turn into a jewelry suit, thought out to the smallest detail, when such a highlight emphasizes the uniqueness of your image and character. The impression that you leave behind can only be compared to the deep aesthetic pleasure you experience while enjoying the beauty of precious stones shining in resonance with your personality.

Expression collection

Remarkable modern jewelry by TZURI and Paris Hilton.
Express yourself

An elegant Expression jewelry collection by TZURI is inspired by a pencil - a universal symbol of freedom of expression. This collection exemplifies how beautiful jewelry can spread an important message. Freedom of expression is a global theme that covers issues from education to freedom of speech. TZURI is partnering with a non-profit organization - Pencils of Promise to support access to education for children worldwide. This jewelry is a perfect mascot in the journey to self-awareness, confidence, and personal achievements in essential fields such as writing, journalism, design, art, etc. Today Paris Hilton is a marvelous ambassador for this irresistible collection.


Our Services

I. Selection, curation & sale of Contemporary Fine Art Collection

II. Advice on the acquisition of Fine Art objects

III. Supporting clients in building their Jewelry and Art collections

IV. Custom-designed Fine Jewelry production and sale

V. Client’s education regarding diamond investment as well as diamond jewelry appraisal


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