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Alex Wellborn is an unusual type of artist. He doesn't seek fame. He doesn't even define himself as one. In fact, Surround Art Gallery is the only place you can find his majestic art. However, sometimes, vocation comes to you without being called. Initially, Alex Wellborn began taking photographs to capture memories from his travels. But he soon found himself wanting to tell more than photographic shot reveals.
Even using the most professional equipment, you can't achieve that perfect wow effect from a photo just by pushing on the button. Only by a combination of several different approaches, technical and artistic, can a photograph turn into a visual symphony. While moving in this direction, it is vital to learn for the fine adjustments as well as all those laws of painting that humanity has formulated throughout millennia, trying to capture the surrounding world. And you can't skip it. Learning this in his way, Alex eventually developed a style that enabled him to infuse what is named the magic of art into each photograph. The results allow the viewers to experience and appreciate nature's beauty through his work, and not just visually but emotionally. His sublime landscapes, that require hundreds of hours of dedicated work to be created, call one to admire our world's magnificence.
Alex experimented with modern digital tools during his photography editing process. Thus, playing with tools and questing for perfection, he opened his outstanding artistic abilities. As a result, he found ways to create impressive Fine Art pieces. Now he became a master of photography as one of the most advanced directions of today's arts. More than this, he creates landscapes like no other since he has developed a unique style that you can't compare with any other Fine Art Photographer. His Fine Art photographs acquired the charm and spirit of real art.
Alex Wellborn has never published or promoted his artworks by himself and never tried to be noted by a wide audience. Instead, his artworks are sold within the close circle of his associates, friends, and customers referred by recommendations. They generally become attracted to ordering a masterpiece that would be unique and custom-made for their estates' interiors.
Therefore, the author mainly creates Fine Art pieces on special requests with a strictly limited edition of 1/1. This approach matches his private nature. 
Even though Alex doesn't advertise so, Surround Art Gallery owners found his creations to be exquisite and one-of-a-kind art. And indeed, it represents absolute craftsmanship and inimitable talent. So they offered his collection the place of honor in their Fine Art gallery.
"It's hard to imagine a more refined collection of Fine Art Photography that we could present in our gallery. His landscapes are executed with unparalleled mastery making them unique collector's pieces and definitely future classics," - says Anastasia, the curator of Surround Art Gallery. "His Fine Art Photographs have both unsurpassed image quality and amazing artistry, which is incredibly rare despite the popularity of photography today. His works have grand size without losing any crisp detail!"
Today Surround Art Gallery is the only art gallery in the world that present's A. Wellborn's Fine Art Photography collection. The partnership is sealed by an exclusive distribution agreement that makes our Gallery the only representative of the artist.

"His landscapes are executed with unparalleled mastery making them unique collector's pieces and definitely future classics," - says Anastasia, the curator of Surround Art Gallery.

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