Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds can be a real find for those who appreciate individuality.
While most people acquire white diamonds as a tribute to tradition, yellow ones fall into the attention of open-minded ones. And this is where the most interesting opens!
They are cosmically beautiful, fabulous, and dazzling, like a piece of the sun in jewelry, but at the same time, more affordable! It means that for the same amount of money, you can buy more carats of yellow stone than the traditional white one. This investment has an absolute wow effect and looks exquisitely extraordinary.
Yellow diamonds deserve special attention because they are considered colored diamonds, meaning they stay apart from colorless white ones. Meanwhile, fancy-color diamonds are the most expensive. Colored pink, blue, and green diamonds are extremely expensive. The reason is that natural-colored diamonds are very, very rare. Thus, yellow diamonds are fancy-color diamonds but more common and, therefore, more reachable.
Yellow diamonds are not as rare as other colored ones. But can you say you see them often? They are scarce to be seen in regular life, very, very rare. They are much more exotic and extraordinary than colorless (white) diamonds.
So yellow diamonds appear to be a win-win for those looking for luxurious individuality in jewelry but without the high costs of most other natural fancy color diamonds.
8 artworks

8 artworks