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Veritas is a young, yet profound digital artist passionate about creating art that could make an impact. She had always been fascinated by combining different approaches to create something new and unique. With the advent of digital tools such as graphic editor softwares and drawing tablets, the artist found her realm of expression.
Veritas began to master these digital tools, using them to create intricate patterns and designs inspired by classic works of art. For many years she dedicated herself to perfecting her craft, experimenting with different techniques until finally, she achieved what she wanted - a style that combined classic elements with the possibilities of modern technologies.
What started as experiments soon turned into fully-fledged pieces worthy of being called "art".
Each artwork of hers contains something meaningful within its plots and characters, lines and curves of patterns, and even colors that are often expressively bold. All these catch an eye and encourage viewers to immerse in the artwork's scene, unlock unconsciousness or enjoy its beauty without any profound thought.
As already said, Veritas draws inspiration from both the past and present, using elements from classical works while utilizing today's technologies. This unique combination creates a subliminal message throughout her pieces which speaks directly to viewers' hearts.
Her first collection of digital art prints is named "Kingdom". It depicts animals as center heroes of the history of their own states. The idea came with an observation that the human was the main character of art, at least beginning from Ancient times. The art was anthropocentric for millennia, while the wild nature served mainly as a decoration for images of people, as a human's playground. As a result, humanity generally sees itself as the center of the universe, with the first priority of survival and prevailing as well as unlimited expansion. With all the benefits it brings to the human race, it led to neglecting other species' rights to live the life they designed for, having their natural habitats and a chance to procreate. That, as the author believes, ruins the harmony of the surrounding world.
Thinking of this, Veritas brought wildlife to the spotlight, to the center of attention, as they well deserve it. The author makes the portraits look like they were painted by the hand of old masters on canvas or plaster with oil paints or tempera as if giving them back lost time when people were too busy focusing on themselves. Intricate patterns framing the paintings give these portraits a relationship to the cultural heritage, giving a hint that these animals are an integral part of them.
Veritas managed not just to capture each animal's physical beauty but also its spirit – every creature seemed proud yet powerful and wise beyond words. Her art contributes to raising awareness about wildlife conservation and helping restore harmony between humans and nature by making us realize how interconnected we are with other living beings on Earth.

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