Affiliate Program

Let us briefly introduce The Gallery:

Since 2017, Surround Art Gallery made a spectacular journey pioneering Fine Art Photography in Eastern Europe.

Establishing four galleries, one of which emerged as a 3-story Exhibition Center of Contemporary Fine Art, we introduced the pinnacles of today’s visual arts to a broad audience of art lovers and collectors.

Surround Art Gallery’s Fine Art Photography collection was selected to be displayed in the boutiques of official Bentley Home and Fendi Casa furniture distributors. Furthermore, Surround Art Gallery regularly holds its exhibitions in Luxury Shopping Centers and participates in Design Shows Worldwide.

In collaboration with designers and architects, the incredible art from Surround Art Gallery complemented one-of-a-kind interiors, bringing joy and value to their owners.

Surround Art Gallery's new location is now open in the enchanting Carmel-by-the-Sea. Surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of Big Sur, Pebble Beach, and Carmel Valley, our gallery is a perfect source of high-end Fine Art decor.


Look at our web Interiors' Lookbook to see what we are proudly introducing.

Your Advantages

Surround Art Gallery proposes an exclusive collaboration with interior design professionals to elevate their luxurious projects with elegance and a unique touch. The proposed benefits include special rates on our Fine Art Collection and the opportunity to promote design projects on our website, lookbooks, and at the physical Surround Art Gallery's space. We are also open to hosting joint events in our gallery to showcase our partnership.

Request Your Special Pricing

You are welcome to send us a special pricing request by email at Please provide your Business information and get your personal, professional discount for our Fine Art Collection.

Here is what you get:

  • Exclusive Pricing for Professionals: We maintain regular prices and never discount our Fine Art collection when selling to final consumers and collectors. However, we offer significantly lower prices exclusively to our partnering professionals, like architects, interior designers, decorators, and distributors. In this way, we protect our intermediaries' interests, as we do not reduce the value of our art collection for the final customers.


  • Tailored Pricing for Large Projects: For substantial projects with significant orders, we are open to broader price negotiations. We understand the unique demands of large-scale ventures and are prepared to work with you to reach an arrangement that aligns with the order's value.