A:  Delivery costs are to any countries listed on our Shipping Policy. There are no hidden fees in this regard. If the destination is anywhere outside of the countries in this list, we can still deliver artwork to you – but we will need to provide you with a custom quote. 

A: The estimated delivery time for jewelry orders is conditioned by whether the item is available in stock or must be produced for you. Most deliveries take around one month from the date of purchase, including production and delivery. It may take longer for locations outside the US. Please check our Shipping Policy to have more information.

A: All wall art prints come equipped with a convenient hanging system to ensure a swift and straightforward installation process.
There are only two steps involved:
1. Depending on the print size, insert 2 to 5 screws into the wall where you wish to showcase your precious artwork. Two is best for art sized up to 100cm x 150cm (40” x 60”), while five is ideal for longer prints of 200cm. When inserting the screws into the wall, maintain an even space between each screw and ensure they are not wider apart than the open section of the back frame’s upper bar.
2. While resting the upper bar’s lip on the screw heads, gently hang your artwork and ensure the screw heads are adjusted to the lip. You can do this by gently pulling the picture down to ensure it doesn’t come off the wall.

A: Delivery of Fine Art Sculptures is always separate. Once you’ve made your purchase, we’ll send you the details – or you can email to info@surroundartdiamonds.com prior to completing your purchase to receive the details beforehand. 

A: All of the artworks are delivered in secure art packaging. Our top priority is getting your order to you securely. If you are buying artwork as a gift and want us to ensure the packaging has a decorated presence, please send your request to info@surroundartdiamonds.com.

A: Please always check your delivery before the courier representative leaves your property. If you find any damaged or exposed artwork portions upon inspection, please refuse the delivery and take photographs. For fast processing, please send these to us as soon as possible via email to info@surroundartdiamonds.com. In the unfavorable event that you have already accepted the order and discovered the damage later, please reach out to our customer service team immediately. Keep the unused artwork in its original packaging if you need to initiate a return process.

A: Keep the artwork in its original purity by following our recommendations. 

Try to avoid touching the front surface unnecessarily and avoid getting it wet. Do not use anti-dust brushes, which can scratch the artwork's surface. Also, avoid harsh cleaning chemicals on your print, like glass cleaning products for acrylic mounting. Instead, we strongly recommend you dust your picture gently using a soft, dry cloth that is lint-free. Microfiber cloths for lenses work exceptionally well. If you wish to remove a spot of dirt, dust, or grime, only use a photo lens cleaner on the site itself. Refrain from scrubbing clean areas. Moreover, remember that there is no need to apply excess pressure when wiping the surface. You may reference the Limited Warranty information and detailed storage instructions accompanying your artwork delivery to get more details. 

A: The photograph is enclosed in glossy 4mm acrylic glass and aluminum DIBOND® backing. Regarding the picture itself, we print on the highest quality paper with a high refractive index matched by the high content of its silver particles. This way, your photograph will forever reflect external light sources to unearth the brightest and most saturated details of your Fine Art piece. In terms of quality, style, and preservation, you can expect nothing short of exceptional, accompanied by the convenience of an included hanging system that allows you to install your Fine Art print effortlessly.

A: 40" x 60" Fine Art photography weighs approximately 33 lbs. (15 kg). You can use this as a benchmark to calculate the respective weight of other Fine Art photographs.

A: For immediate support, please send your request or concern to info@surroundartdiamonds.com. We always strive to respond within one business day or the next business day. Be assured that we will maintain complete contact and transparency with you at every stage of the production and delivery process. We're always here should you have any further questions.

A: For full details on how refunds work, please visit our Refund Policy page.