Expression Collection® by Tzuri - An inspirational luxury

The Cartier Love bracelet, a long-time glamorous symbol, has found some dazzling competition. Tzuri's eye-catching, pencil-inspired bangle is now gracing the wrists of Hollywood A-listers like Jessica Alba, Zendaya, and Leonardo DiCaprio. The trendy accessory hails from Beverly Hills-based brand Tzuri, founded by philanthropist and jewelry artist Zuri Mesica in 1980. It is there an encouraging self-expression fine jewelry line debuted five years ago making huge waves in the celebrity world, not saying that the always famous socialite Paris Hilton is the ambassador of the Tzuri's Expression Collection®.

While Hollywood's elite has discovered a new must-have accessory that puts a creative twist on the classic bangle, a percentage of all sales is donated to the global non-profit organization, Pencils of Promise, which is committed to supporting a world with greater educational opportunities for all.



Stellar brands like Creative Artists Agency, Stuart Weitzman, and Estee Lauder Companies join forces with Pencils of Promise in transforming the lives of children. Stuart Weitzman's three-year collaboration stands out, having funded six whole schools! Imagine the impact of that; the power of education uplifts countless children. Zuri Mesica captures this beautifully by stating, "the pencil signifies freedom in the hands of a child." This incredible initiative doesn't merely create accessories but is a tribute to empowering freedom of expression and supporting global education for the future generation. And the best part? The overwhelming response from celebrities eager to make a difference and connect with their communities through this meaningful endeavor.

In this quest for fundamental social change, Zuri Mesica dreamt up Tzuri's groundbreaking Expression Collection® back in 2016, seeking to fuse fine jewelry with the power of self-expression. Finally, after two years of tireless designing, refining, and perfecting, Zuri unveiled his captivating jewelry collection in 2018.

As a result, imagine a piece of elegant jewelry in a concept of pencil adorned with a diamond-encrusted tip and eraser, boasting a unisex design available in white, yellow, rose, or black gold options. For those who crave ultimate extravagance, prices start at $6,000 for the diamond-tipped style, escalating to $40,000 for full diamond embellishment. Finally, complete your exceptional jewelry set with matching earrings, rings, and necklaces showcasing the patented pencil motif, available from $700 to $10,000.

The craftsmanship of Zuri Mesica has caught the eye of Hollywood. Producers Nik and Jax Production (the producers behind commercials for Reebok, Adobe, and Intel, and programming for Showtime, GSN, and CNN), known for their work on commercials and TV programs, are spotlighting Zuri Mesica in a forthcoming docuseries titled 'The Craftsman.' This intriguing project delves into the world of unique artisans weaving inspiring stories through their magnificent creations – a perfect showcase for Zuri Mesica's glamorous and innovative artistry.

Surround Art & Diamonds is delightedly united with Tzuri on its mission to shed light on important issues, boost education in underprivileged areas, and shape the future through our youth. It is a great pride that we harness the forces of renowned commercial brands to fuel the engine of positive transformation in society. In conclusion, The Expression Collection® is as impactful as it is beautiful.


"In the hands of a child, the pencil signifies freedom, and thus we believe the pencil should be as prevalent in the world as it is in our designs,"

says Zuri Mesica, the Expression Collection mastermind, and creator.

Express Yourself

And inspire others.