Fine Art Photography

Are you ready to explore the fascinating world of Fine Art Photography? It's a term that refers to photography as a form of fine arts - an achievement of the creative mind of humankind. The interest in this type of photography is high and continues to grow worldwide.

But did you know that the prototype of the camera, the Camera Obscura, was not invented in the 19th century or even in our era? Mentions of this device date back to the fifth century BC. It looked like a darkened room with a hole for light penetration in one of the walls. Later, large boxes with a system of mirrors were used to capture reflections of objects and perspectives with the greatest accuracy possible. This allowed painters to create landscapes, portraits, and everyday sketches with incredible precision. Leonardo da Vinci even wrote about it in his Treatise on Painting.

By the end of the 19th century, the first photo cameras were invented, and the artistic movement of photography, called Pictorialism, emerged. This was a critical stage on the path to today's Fine Art Photography. Pictorial photographers used an approach similar to painting, supplementing photos with special effects to make them look like paintings. Composition also played a significant role, just as it did in painting.

The evolution of human knowledge and scientific discoveries have given society even more advanced tools to create Art. The new era of digital photography, which emerged in the late 20th century, has opened up new prospects for visual Art development. Digital photography allows contemporary artists to achieve the impossible in conveying the beauty of the world's phenomena. Artists have mastered digital technology tools and have begun to create incredibly inspiring Fine Art. The Australian artist Peter Lik became the first successful pioneer of contemporary Fine Art photography in the 2000s.

The relevance of contemporary Fine Art Photography allows it to speak with viewers in the modern language of technological advances and digital progress. It has become the pinnacle of today's visual Art evolution, linking digital Art and painting.

Surround Art & Diamonds presents the artworks of selected authors capable of demonstrating the pinnacles of today's visual creativity and opening up new horizons of Art. The central theme that brings them together is nature. The beauty of the surrounding world, skillfully conveyed by the talented masters of Fine Art Photography and sculpture, attracts the viewer to the natural world and gives them a sense of complete aesthetic satisfaction.

In conclusion, Fine Art Photography is a complex and unique approach to photography that requires deep knowledge and artistic talent to create outstanding artworks. It reflects new heights in creative activity and has become a step towards even more significant creative improvement. It's no wonder that Fine Art Photography has enjoyed tremendous success in America and Europe for over two decades, and its popularity continues to grow.