How to invest in diamonds? Or should I? Part I.

Let's look at diamonds as a form of investment.

Large diamonds from 5 carats and above are considered an investment and, more importantly, portable wealth. You can always have the equivalent of a few tens of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars on your hand. You do not need to worry about their maintenance, such as with a house, business, and even land. It is enough to have insurance and a good safe. In addition, diamonds also serve as a movable timeless heritage, providing freedom of ownership to the offspring. Hence, they are essential for investment diversification.

You don't need to check with the market month after month or year after year to control their price - high-grade diamonds do not depreciate and are most resistant to market fluctuations. Instead, they are slowly and steadily rising in price. We must remember that this natural resource is very, very limited. It primarily relates to natural stones combining the best characteristics (we will discuss them later). The optimal combination of parameters determines the cost of a stone, its adequacy, and the diamond's liquidity. The buyers (diamonds' purchasing agents) of the most respected jewelry houses, such as Harry Winston, pay attention first to the beauty of the precious stone. The extent to which a stone can admire by its presence determines its attractiveness to the client. Most people holding two diamonds of the same value will choose the more radiant option. And, yes, more and less beautiful stones can cost the same. Sometimes less attractive is even more expensive.
Some may doubt that diamonds are a safe investment because lab-grown diamonds could significantly influence the market. Here is what you need to understand: lab-grown and natural diamonds are entirely different categories of products. Despite their presence on the market for decades, the popularity of lab-grown diamonds did not affect demand and prices for natural stones, especially large ones. Experts can always define one from the other.