The Gallery's Principles and Values

Surround Art & Diamonds is a prestigious gallery that specializes in limited-edition Contemporary Fine Art and jewelry. We represent only the specially chosen artists and maintain high standards of presentation, service, and selling. Our attention to detail is always advanced, and we carefully control the limited edition, production process, and secure delivery of artwork to ensure that every piece is perfect.
Every artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a Limited Warranty, providing specific information about the piece and outlining our responsibilities. In addition, we offer consultations before and after the sale to ensure that each piece of artwork is perfect for its new home.
At Surround Art & Diamonds, our concept of beauty and perfection is reflected in every aspect of our gallery. Our tagline, 'Quest for perfection,' is a general principle of Fine Art that we strive to achieve. By composing original collections of notable works of art and matching them with their owners, we fulfill our mission with dignity.
Our limited-edition pieces are high-end, design-focused, and aesthetically stunning, making them valuable investments that will only appreciate over time. We are committed to providing a first-class experience for every customer, and we hope to share our passion for Fine Art with you.