Fine Art Photography | "Coastal Jewel N 2"
Fine Art Photography | "Coastal Jewel N 2"
Fine Art Photography | "Coastal Jewel N 2"

Fine Art Photography | "Coastal Jewel N 2"

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Coastal Landscape Limited Edition Fine Art Photograph by Alex Wellborn

The total Limited Edition of "Coastal Jewel N 2" is no more than 50 art pieces worldwide.

  • Materials - acrylic print with  DIBOND® backing
  • Year - 2023
  • Dimensions - see size chart
  • Country of Origin - US

Limited Edition by sizes:

16 x 21" - only 15 Fine Art Prints are available worldwide

20 x 26" - only 10 Fine Art Prints are available worldwide

30 x 39" - only 10 Fine Art Prints are available worldwide

42 x 55" - only 5 Fine Art Prints are available worldwide

55 x 72" only 5 Fine Art Prints are available worldwide

61 x 80" only 5 Fine Art Prints are available worldwide


Fine Art Print Details

The photograph is enclosed in glossy 3mm acrylic glass and aluminum DIBOND® backing. The picture is printed on museum-quality Fine Art paper with a high refractive index matched by the high content of its silver particles. This way, your photograph will forever reflect external light sources to unearth the artwork's brightest details.

The slimline case is an aluminum protective profile that cowers outside edges and corners of Fine Art Print. Its width is no more than 0.03 mm. Thus it delicately enframes pictures as a high-tech frame suitable for minimalistic interior decoration.

All wall art prints come equipped with convenient hanging hardware - aluminum rails to ensure a swift and straightforward installation process.


Experience the enchanting masterpiece created by the renowned artist Alex Wellborn - "Coastal Jewel N 2." This extraordinary Fine Art Photograph invites you to embark on a journey of unparalleled natural beauty, showcasing a rocky coast adorned with a majestic pine tree perched atop a weathered boulder.

In this undeniable masterpiece, the world-famous Pebble Beach is transformed into a scene of ethereal splendor. Bathed in the soft, soothing light of padparadscha hues, the landscape undergoes a remarkable metamorphosis, blurring the lines between land, sea, and sky. The gentle padparadscha tones cascade from the heavens, merging seamlessly with the coastal waves and the ancient rocks, creating a harmonious fusion of elements.

"Coastal Jewel N 2" is a testament to both the inherent artistry of the natural world and the skillful vision of Alex Wellborn. It beckons you to lose yourself in a world where reality and dream coexist in perfect harmony, inviting you to find solace and inspiration within its timeless allure. This photograph is not just a picture; it is a visual symphony that stirs the soul, capturing the very essence of the world-famous Pebble Beach point of inspiration.


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