Fine Art Photography | "Path to Catalina N 1"
Fine Art Photography | "Path to Catalina N 1"
Fine Art Photography | "Path to Catalina N 1"

Fine Art Photography | "Path to Catalina N 1"

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Vertical Landscape Limited Edition Fine Art Photograph by Alex Wellborn

Limited Edition of "The Path to Catalina" is at most 50 art pieces worldwide. The artwork depicts a piece of land emerging from the ocean, resembling an ancient town's bridge in the purple skies.

  • Materials - acrylic print with  DIBOND® backing
  • Year - 2023
  • Dimensions - see size chart
  • Country of Origin - US

Limited Edition by sizes:

16 x 21" - only 15 Fine Art Prints are available worldwide

20 x 26" - only 10 Fine Art Prints are available worldwide

30 x 39" - only 10 Fine Art Prints are available worldwide

42 x 55" - only 5 Fine Art Prints are available worldwide

55 x 72" only 5 Fine Art Prints are available worldwide

61 x 80" only 5 Fine Art Prints are available worldwide


Fine Art Print Details

The photograph is enclosed in glossy 4mm acrylic glass and aluminum DIBOND® backing. The picture is printed on museum-quality Fine Art paper with a high refractive index matched by the high content of its silver particles. This way, your photograph will forever reflect external light sources to unearth the artwork's brightest details.

The slimline case is an aluminum protective profile that cowers outside edges and corners of Fine Art Print. Its width is no more than 0.03 mm. Thus it delicately enframes pictures as a high-tech frame suitable for minimalistic interior decoration.

All wall art prints come equipped with convenient hanging hardware - aluminum rails to ensure a swift and straightforward installation process.

"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous." - Aristotle

Presenting an exquisite gem of limited-edition Fine Art photography, "Path to Catalina N 1" by the renowned artist Alex Wellborn. This captivating artwork beckons viewers to step into a world where imagination and reality blend seamlessly, creating a breathtaking and enchanting scene.

At the composition's heart stands a majestic magenta land piece, reminiscent of a bridge from a forgotten era. This marvel, architected by nature, gracefully spans the expanse of the ocean as if connecting two worlds in a delicate embrace. The bridge exudes an aura of timeless elegance, evoking memories of ancient castles and tales of adventure. Its magenta hue stands in striking contrast against the cerulean expanse of the ocean, creating a visual symphony that captivates the eye.

With its delicate arches and intricate detailing, the bridge is a captivating focal point, drawing the viewer's gaze toward the horizon. There, nestled on the distant edge of the ocean, lies the ethereal Catalina Island. Bathed in the soft glow of the horizon, the island seems to float between the sea and sky, a tranquil oasis waiting to be discovered.

Above, the sky mirrors the enchanting magenta hues that grace the ocean and the land. The heavens themselves have been painted with the same palette, casting a surreal and dreamlike ambiance over the entire scene. This celestial symphony harmonizes with the rocky path guiding the viewer's journey along the bridge, adding a sense of mystique and adventure to the narrative.

"Path to Catalina N 1" is not just a photograph; it's a visual odyssey that transports observers into a world of wonder. Through the lens of Alex Wellborn's artistry, the bridge becomes a symbolic pathway to the imagination, leading to the shores of an island that shimmers like a mirage. This limited-edition masterpiece is a testament to the power of art to inspire, evoke emotions, and invite viewers to explore the realms where reality and dreams intermingle.

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