Fine Art Photography | "Skyline"
Fine Art Photography | "Skyline"
Fine Art Photography | "Skyline"
Fine Art Photography | "Skyline"

Fine Art Photography | "Skyline"

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Vertical Landscape Limited Edition Fine Art Photograph by Alex Wellborn

Limited Edition of the "Skyline" photograph is at most 50 art pieces worldwide. The artwork depicts the water of a calm lake mirroring blue skies and fluffy clouds.

  • Materials - acrylic print with  DIBOND® backing
  • Year - 2022
  • Dimensions - see size chart
  • Country of Origin - US

Limited Edition by sizes:

16 x 21" - only 15 Fine Art Prints are available worldwide

20 x 26" - only 10 Fine Art Prints are available worldwide

30 x 39" - only 10 Fine Art Prints are available worldwide

42 x 55" - only 5 Fine Art Prints are available worldwide

55 x 72" only 5 Fine Art Prints are available worldwide

61 x 80" only 5 Fine Art Prints are available worldwide


Fine Art Print Details

The photograph is enclosed in glossy 4mm acrylic glass and aluminum DIBOND® backing. The picture is printed on museum-quality Fine Art paper with a high refractive index matched by the high content of its silver particles. This way, your photograph will forever reflect external light sources to unearth the artwork's brightest details.

The slimline case is an aluminum protective profile that cowers outside edges and corners of Fine Art Print. Its width is no more than 0.03 mm. Thus it delicately enframes pictures as a high-tech frame suitable for minimalistic interior decoration.

All wall art prints come equipped with convenient hanging hardware - aluminum rails to ensure a swift and straightforward installation process.


“Nature can bring you to stillness; that is its gift to you.” – Eckhart Tolle


Alex Wellborn's "Skyline" limited-edition Fine Art landscape photograph captures a breathtaking panorama where the azure water of a serene lake mirrors the expansive blue skies above. In this remarkable artwork, nature's elements unite to create a scene of tranquility and boundless beauty.

The calm and pristine lake serves as a captivating canvas, reflecting the vivid blue of the sky with remarkable clarity. Its glassy surface perfectly captures the hues above, creating a mirror-like effect that accentuates the sense of calmness and serenity. As the eye gazes upon the scene, a feeling of peace washes over, as if time itself has come to a gentle pause.

Above the mirrored waters, fluffy clouds traverse the sky, their shapes and formations adding a touch of whimsy to the scene. The shades of white and gray mingle with the endless blue expanse, creating a tapestry of movement and softness. The interplay between the calm lake and the ever-changing skies showcases the harmony of nature's elements.

Alex Wellborn's lens has captured a moment of profound beauty in this "Skyline" landscape photography. The artwork invites viewers to immerse themselves in the serene atmosphere, where the calm lake and the celestial heavens unite in a captivating dance. It is a visual symphony that reminds us of the vastness and wonder of the natural world, offering a glimpse into the infinite beauty that surrounds us.

As you behold the "Skyline" limited-edition Fine Art landscape photography, allow yourself to be swept away by the azure waters, the expansive blue skies, and the peaceful reflection they create. It is an invitation to connect with the beauty of the natural world and to find solace in its serene embrace.

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